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The Italian Trade Agency (“ITA”) is an Italian governmental entity that promotes the internationalization of Italian companies, in line with the strategies of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. ITA also acts as an Investment Promotion Organization – IPO for the attraction of foreign investments to Italy, scouting potential foreign investors and promoting business investment opportunities in Italy. In addition to its headquarters in Rome, ITA operates worldwide through a large network of Trade Agencies linked to Italian Embassies and Consulates, working closely with local authorities and businesses. Further information can be found at www.ice.it.

ITA is currently seeking a motivated Junior Analyst for a FDI Promotion Project until 31/12/2024 in order to support the Director of the ITA Office in Vienna.


During the FDI Promotion Project, the candidate must support the ITA Office in Vienna in order to facilitate the entire process of engaging investors prone to invest in Italy, encouraging and facilitating their investment in the country and building confidence and trust, even in aftermarket support. He/She will assist the Director of the ITA Office in Vienna in his investors relations.

The candidate may be required to travel in Italy and internationally.


The ideal candidate should be a research driven, creatively resourceful individual with analytical skills inspired to scour databases, the internet and other sources to identify potential investor for Italian based projects or similar business opportunities.

The role will require to perform administrative and back office tasks, as well as communication tasks and regular reporting process to the Italy-based ITA Foreign Attraction Investment Department. Full collaboration is required at working with the Trade Analysts at the ITA Vienna office in all activities aimed at promoting Italy, sharing with them all pertinent contacts and sectorial reports

The candidate should also be entrepreneurial and should have a client-minded focus, with commercial awareness and strong client liaison skills.


The deadline to submit the application is: 10/02/2023 – “Apply now”

Further information can be found at https://www.ice.it/it/mercati/austria/avvisi-di-assunzione


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